Welcome to AndroUrology Centre for Sexual, Urinary and Reproductive Excellence

The AndroUrology Centre delivers a world class service and state-of-art treatments in male Sexual, Urinary and Reproductive Excellence.

We provide state-of-art and evidence-based treatments in all matters related to male sexual, urinary, and reproductive conditions, in a in a multi-disciplinary and personalised care manner.

Professor Eric Chung is recognised as one of the international leaders and the foremost Australia’s surgeon expert in the field of male sexual, urinary and reproductive surgery. He holds numerous distinguished positions across many governmental advisory boards and prestigious international organisations and has collaborated with some of the best clinical centres in the world to advance the scientific knowledge, surgical techniques, and innovative technology.

Professor Chung specialises in Andrology, reconstructive microsurgical and urological prosthetic surgery. Key areas of Andrology subspecialty include erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease (penile deformity and curvature), prostate and urinary problems (including urinary incontinence), male infertility and andropause (male menopause) as well as penile cancer.

He performs highly specialized surgical procedures such as penile and urinary reconstructive and prosthetic (implant) surgery, continence surgery (male sling and artificial sphincter sphincter), minimally invasive prostate surgery, complex microscopic surgeries (microscopic vasectomy reversal, varicocele surgery and spermatic cord denervation surgery) as well as various sperm retrieval techniques (including microscopic TESE). Additionally, he runs an active clinical research unit and has been involved with numerous successful grant funding applications. He has authored more than 150 peer-reviewed articles, book chapters and clinical guidelines.

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The AndroUrology Centre delivers to you a world class service and evidence-based surgical care with our motto “Providing you quality of care, Restoring your quality of life”.